The fact of the is, it has become critically important that mining companies maintain stable supplies of many mineral resource. This is very important to keeping any economy moving in the right direction. Mick Schmazian, as a mineral prospector, knows this quite well. Manufacturers need steady supplies of certain minerals to make products, and when the economy turns downward, investors quite often turn to certain minerals, like gold and silver, to act as a hedge against the downward turns in the stocks and bonds markets.

Unfortunately, Mick Schmazian knows all too well that it’s nearly impossible to always keep the minerals in their possession on-site. That usually means companies must be able to store as much of these minerals as they can as safely as possible. Mick Schmazian knows there are usually huge overheads associated with storage of minerals like those, and that it is often far too easy for some large players to manipulate the market to their own benefit and to the detriment of others. That’s why maintaining steady supplies of minerals is critical and what makes a mineral prospector’s job so important.