Few who have worked with him would disagree that Mick Shmazian certainly defies the stereotype of a mineral prospector. If you imagine they carry a pick and wear a big hat and loads his tools on a burro he leads through the canyons of the American Southwest, that isn’t Mick. Mineral prospectors like Mick Shmazian are a critical element of the current era, and it also means they will continue to play a critical role for a very long time.

Mick Shmazian, professional mineral prospector, is among the best when it comes to locating and extracting mineral resources as they are needed. has built up a great reputation over the last couple decades. He uses methods and systems that have been proven successful to find everything he can. While there is a good possibility that technology may someday come up with replacements for many of the mineral resources we rely on these days, but that is likely to take decades, if it happens at all. Meanwhile, many industries will continue to rely heavily on minerals that we have to dig out of the ground, even when their supplies hit critical lows.